Although the housing market has taken a hard hit over the last few months, there are still developers planning to bring value to the city of Chicago. The current state of the economy hasn’t stopped developers from proposing ambitious towers and building downtown Chicago.

Here are two developments currently in the beginning stages of coming into fruition.

Largest Residential Development in Chicago

JDL Development is looking to build a 2,680-unit housing complex over an area that has lots of potential and is currently owned by Moody Bible Institute. They are looking to purchase the land that’s spread across 8-acres in the River North area. If this done successfully, it will be the largest residential project in Chicago in over 20 years.

JDL is currently seeking approval for what would consist of 3,950 residential units and 30,000 square feet of retail. While the Christian College is selling 10-acres, JDL only needs 8 of those. To meet the city’s affordable housing ordinance, they will set aside 246-units.

This entire project would take almost 10 years to complete but will be worth it in the end. Below is a map of the area that Moodle Bible Institute currently owns.

Photo Credit: Moody Bible

Fulton Market Tower

Photo Credit: Sterling Bay & RealDeal

Photo Credit: Sterling Bay & RealDeal

Popular development firm Moceri + Roszak is planning a 383-unit residential tower in the Fulton market area. The duo recently filed plans for the tower on the northwest corner of Randolph and Elizabeth streets. Moceri + Roszak just completed a 214-unit tower called Parkline. It is located at 60 East Randolph Street and will be ready for residents sometime in February 2021.